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Manufacturing mesh bags since 1968
About PE Extruded Bag
  Extruded net bags are widely used for small retail packaging. We have different meshes, colors and labels to meet various specific needs. Our 4-strand mesh is ideal solution for packaging of soft-skin fruits such as grapes and tomatoes.
PE Extruded Bag
    PE Extruded Bag
  • Enhanced mesh

    Enhanced mesh

  • 4-strand mesh

    4-strand mesh

  • Plain mesh

    Plain mesh

  • Floral mesh

    Floral mesh

  • PE tag

    PE tag

  • PE header

    PE header

  • Paper header

    Paper header

    PP Leno bag

    Closing option    
  • Plastic fastener

    Plastic fastener

  • Heat sealed

    Heat sealed

  • Metal clip

    Metal clip

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